Pharmacology, Medical Reports, Orthopedic, and Illness Details (COMORBID) is an international, modern, general medical publication that publishes research on all aspects of medicine, from fundamental research to significant clinical trials and cost-effectiveness analyses. We generally publish human research that contribute to our understanding of medical epidemiology, etiology, and physiology; the development of prognostic and diagnostic technologies; clinical trials that evaluate the efficacy of particular therapies and comparative trials; and systematic reviews. We want to encourage the conversion of fundamental research into clinical trials and clinical evidence into therapeutic practice. When studies in animal models produce remarkable research findings that are extremely clinically relevant, we publish them on occasion. The international medical community, as well as educators, policymakers, patient advocacy groups, and other interested parties, are among our target audiences. The online edition of COMORBID is updated on a regular basis.

Medical Informatics, Basic Science, Clinical Science, Case Report, Brief Communication, Public Health, Public Policy, and Review Articles from all branches of medicine and associated subjects are published in Pharmacology, Medical Reports, Orthopedic, and Illness Details (COMORBID). The journal is published periodically with the frequency of issuance 4 times a year (January, April, July, October)

e-ISSN 2809-9745 (online)